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Laser Acupuncture

Holme Veterinary Centre offers Laser Acupuncture as a complementary treatment for a number of ailments, including arthritis.

The treatment is non invasive, unlike traditional acupuncture which uses needles.

The laser is tolerated much better than needles by cats and dogs therefore providing a better outcome.

The laser is used on the Acupuncture points in a similar way to needles.

The points are stimulated with a higher potency of energy which in turn encourages the flow of energy around the channels of the body.

In some cases the energy is blocked. This means that the energy is unable to reach an area of the body which in turn causes problems.

By unblocking the channels using the laser the energy is able to flow freely allowing proper movement of the body.

This type of laser Acupuncture is only performed in a very few veterinary practices in the UK. Holme Veterinary Centre is the only Veterinary practice in the north of England to offer this treatment.

In cases where arthritis is causing mobility issues, using laser Acupuncture as a treatment helps to reduce the inflammation caused by the disease. This in turn eases the discomfort caused and promotes mobility which is required to keep the joints mobile.

Animals that have undergone laser Acupuncture for arthritis are reported to be much more comfortable and happy.

The initial laser treatment is very comprehensive.

The dog or cat has a thorough examination, starting with the head, checking for ‘disturbing foci’. Once these foci have been eliminated the rest of the animal is examined. Once the examination process is finished the laser treatment is performed.

A course of laser Acupuncture is usually carried out weekly and can last over 6 weeks depending on the nature of the condition being treated.

Once the initial 6 weeks have been completed it may be advisable to carry on with the laser treatment fortnightly or monthly depending on the condition being treated.

The animal is required to stay in the surgery for most of the day as they are required to be settled and calm for the treatment to be carried out.

For further information about Laser Acupuncture please ask at Reception.

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